Drifting Indices

Worries about slowing corporate earnings (so far most incoming earnings look good) and Federal Reserve’s plan to rapidly raise interest rates, dragged the Dow Jones Industrials to their worst day since 2020. Friday’s declines, which worsened throughout the day undid gains from earlier in the week, affecting all markets. The broad-based S&P 500, fell at … Read more

War… Inflation… Prosperity

Inflation, Growth Worries Drag Down Indices… Stocks fell, with major indices posting a weekly loss, on Thursday. The week was shorter, as the markets closed in observance of Good Friday. Investors are beginning to show more worries that soaring inflation is starting to affect businesses. The Dow Industrial fell 113 points or 0.3% to 34451. … Read more

The Resilient Economy

A Bullish Slant On The Markets… is unfolding. As Wall Street analysts continue to revise upward their forecasts for 2022 and 2023 corporate earnings, war broke out in Ukraine, and geopolitical risks escalated, sending the S&P 500 to a dramatic low on February 24. Meanwhile, inflation continued to confirm prices were rising at a troubling … Read more

The Fed Steps Up

U.S. stocks nudged higher Friday, steadied by a solid employment report that showed the country’s jobless rate returning to pre-pandemic levels. Given the booming labor market, the March employment data reported on Friday showed non-farm payrolls continuing to grow robustly, up 431,000 last month (March) after an upwardly revised 750,000 increase in February. March’s jobless … Read more

Russian Chokehold

The U.S. is ramping up shipments of liquified natural gas to Europe, as the continent mounts a worldwide hunt for ‘new’ supplies to finally phase out total reliance on Russian energy, after Putin’s invasion of Ukraine. The globe-spanning effort to wean Europe off Russian energy supplies was at the forefront of President Biden’s summit with … Read more

Shutting Down Russia

The Month Businesses Went To War… Businesses reacted as Putin invaded Ukraine. The invasion forced CEOs across the U.S. and Europe into a crisis mode. Massive bombing, and slaughtering of Ukraine citizens, unmercifully, prompted a giant response – never seen before, to the Russian economy. Two years after the pandemic tore into the global economy, … Read more

Quagmire In The Markets

The market had plenty of reasons to fret. Russia showed no sign of wanting to end its war on Ukraine and appeared ready to escalate attacks, not halt them. In response, the U.S. said it would remove “Most favored nation” trading status from the country and blocked Russian oil imports. Big U.S. corporations, including Goldman … Read more

Horror In Ukraine

The U.S. labor market is rotating toward a post-pandemic world, with a steady stream of adults joining the labor force and employment approaching levels before Covid-19 began its rapid spread. Employers added 670,000 workers to their payrolls in seven months, the Labor Department said Friday. The jobless rate fell to 3.8% from 4.0% a month … Read more

Disaster In Ukraine

The stock market capped a turbulent week, by rallying on Friday, as investors ‘weighed all the negatives’; How the Federal Reserve will proceed with interest-rate-increases, and the invasion of Ukraine by Russia. Energy is at the crux of this conflict. Oil prices rose sharply when the invasion began, with brent-crude rising as high as $105 … Read more

Turbulence and Tensions

Stocks are stung by Ukraine tensions, as all markets gave ground at Friday’s closing. The threat of an invasion of Ukraine by Russia looms large, weighting heavily on investors’ minds. A war between Ukraine and Russia could prolong elevated inflation by disrupting supplies of needed commodities-world wide. Russia is among the world’s largest suppliers of … Read more