Focus on Washington

All eyes on Washington…as lawmakers tussle over spending, taxes, and arguing. Sweeping changes are forcing investors, strategists, and analysts to focus more on inflation and corporate profits. Many of the nation’s biggest challenges–pandemic response, the slowing of growth, attention to crumbling infrastructure, and wealth inequality cannot be managed by just monetary means. Fiscal policy can … Read more

A Choppy Market Week

A rough week for the stock market ended with solid gains Friday, after a spate of bearish actions and some negative investor sentiment. Although many investors expect stocks to keep rising, a multitude of factors has continued to weigh down expectations. Investors are contending with ‘lingering’ worries: the property giant Evergrande Group debacle, whether congress … Read more

The Market Persists

The Stock Market got off to a weak start Friday, as China Evergrande Group missed a key interest payment. Evengrande let a Thursday deadline pass to pay a $83.5 million coupon payment on its U.S. dollar bonds without notifying bondholders. Despite missing the payment deadline, the company has a 30-day grace period before bondholders can … Read more

Anxiety in the Market

Stocks slip for the week…..The predictions of impending ‘doom’ from Wall Street’s talking heads continued this past week. The reasons for a pull-back are many. The stock market has rallied and rallied for too long and has gone up too smoothly, the Federal Reserve is about to remove the bond-buying that has helped prop markets … Read more

A Bullish Mood

The S&P 500 slumped to its worst weekly showing since February, with a significant pull-back Friday. Concerns about a volatile fall ahead are giving investors the jitters. As stocks have climbed steadily all summer, and still remain close to their record highs, investors are closely watching the Federal Reserve’s plan to slow bond purchases later … Read more

One Back, Two Forward

Stocks edged to a weekly gain, amidst a preholiday lull, and….. A job’s report that hindered optimism. A surprisingly weak U.S. jobs report for August provided for a mixed closing Friday of the indices. As the S&P 500 drifted lower Friday, digesting the unexpected negative jobs situation, the Nasdaq managed to be contrary. Techs led. … Read more

A Calculated Course

Powell Speaks, Stocks Rise…..A very deliberate Jerome Powell carefully explained in great detail why he expects a recent surge in inflation to ‘fade’ over time. Powell’s measured remarks also signaled the Fed would not rush to begin tapering, prompting the markets positive reaction. At the Fed’s meeting late last month the economy has seen “more … Read more

A ‘Taper Tantrum’

Stocks rally, but end the week a bit lower, even as they bounced higher on Friday, negating a downward trending. The big topic of conversation this past week was concerns over the general economic outlook, a slowdown in China’s growth (which could impede global recovery) and the uptick in Covid-19 infections. Tapering, the term used … Read more

Floating Forward

The Dow & S&P 500 Edge To Fresh Records… The S&P crept to a new high as investors were duly impressed by a host of impressive earnings reports. The ‘broad’ stock market gauge added 217 points or 0.2% to reach 4468 on Friday’s close, clinching its 48th record close of 2021. Impressive Indeed. The Dow … Read more

A Tenacious Market

The market is tough, strong and sturdy, and able to withstand the ‘tech’ route. After all when you live by Big Tech, you die by Big Tech. That’s just what happened this past week. Big techs floundered and lost ground, but the value stocks maintained their course. Outstanding earnings reports by these mammoth techs didn’t … Read more