Trending Downward

The markets Monday and Tuesday flowed aimlessly, neither gaining nor losing ground anticipation. Investors’ and traders’ moods show no signs of direction, not affected by scattered earnings reports and future tightening by the Fed. And then Wednesday’s announcement came-soothing investors and traders alike and…with ‘good news.’ The July report showed inflation backed down to … Read more

Tightening Takes Hold

After a couple of opening August sessions, a good rally spiked all indices on Wednesday. The Nasdaq Composite led the way splurging 2.6% and giving confidence to investors and traders. Both the S&P 500 and Dow Jones Industrial Average showed gains of 1.6% and 1,3% respectively. The bearishness to start August was dusted away Wednesday … Read more

Powell’s Inflation Battle

It Did Happen… Jerome Powell unleashed another bit of tightening…a 0.75 percentage-point interest-rate increase on Wednesday, surprising no one, as even the sharpest economists predicted. He was quick to indicate that ‘more increases’ might be needed, and would come monthly. Investors and traders alike appeared to accept the news in stride sending the markets higher … Read more

A Roller Coaster Economy

Tuesday’s ‘jack rabbit’ rise in the Dow Jones Industrial Average of 754 points is a huge boast of investor confidence amid flat showings by the indices over the past month. Investors and traders alike were swayed by a new release of earnings. Both the Nasdaq Composite and the S&P 500 sported significant gains of 353 … Read more

Aggressive Inflation

The markets opened with uncertainty Monday, with little direction, as investors and traders were in anticipation of the inflation number to be announced early Wednesday. The Labor Department released those figures and the numbers roiled, as inflation soared to a 40 year high in the month of June at an alarming rate of 9.1%, an … Read more

A Half Year of Blues

The three benchmark indices finished the first half of 2022 markedly lower, numbers that echo the economy. The S&P 500 fell 20.6%, the most in 52 years. The tech-focused Nasdaq Composite led all indexes, dropping a note-worthy 29.5%, the largest decline ever. The Dow Jones Industrial Average lost 15.3%, with its value stocks suffering less. … Read more

The Muddy Market

Across the board, this week stocks have edged lower, with the high-techs being abused to a greater degree. Investors and traders alike are worried about the future tightening and the effects of the early moves by the Federal Reserve. Chairman Jerome Powell has warned that with the already imposed rate increases and the expected future … Read more

Attacking Inflation

Markets opened cautiously Thursday as investors and traders were digesting a week filled with much concerning financial news, and the slide began. Stocks began to react with ‘sincerity’ as downward moves were apparent in all sectors, and affected all indices with concern. The S&P 500 was off 3.,8%, with the Dow Jones Industrial Average rocked, … Read more

The Wandering Market

( Notice to Readers… A revision of the presentation of ‘this’ article will take place this week. The summation of the week’s activities in the markets, normally presented the week after the closing will now be available to be read on Friday at noon of the market week. We look forward to this ‘early bird’ … Read more

A Sudden Surge

Friday was a Bull…All indices scored higher, with reassurances that…maybe the bear is pausing, or even backing off. As was expected positive earnings and good news in general ‘pushed’ the investor into a comfort zone for the first time in many months–all the way back to November 2020. This is good news in several sectors … Read more