Black Friday

Black Friday is known nationwide as a day for gigantic markdowns…but not like these. Stocks, commodities, government bonds yields, oil prices dived on Black Friday after news of a new coronavirus virus variant from South Africa, dubbed Omicron. Concerns and fears of a ‘new’ wave of the new pandemic quickly emerged as markets were ‘thin’ … Read more

The Beat Goes On

U.S. Stocks closed ‘mixed’ on Friday, as investors shifted into the safety of the dollar and government bonds, this after fresh Covid-19 restrictions in Europe, hindering the Global Economy recovery. The broad U.S. eked out a gain this past week, propelled by strong retail earnings and more ‘out-performance’ by the Big Guys. Inflation looms, but … Read more

The Fed Is King

Inflation in the U.S. hit three-decade high in October, of 6.2%, delivering wide spread and sizable increases to households for everything from groceries to cars due to persistent supply shortages and strong consumer demand, with no ‘let-up’ in sight. The Labor Department said the consumer-price index, which measures what consumers pay for goods and services–rose … Read more

The Charging Bull

Stocks Hit New Highs on Strong Jobs Data…U.S. stocks rose to fresh new highs Friday and posted weekly gains after the Labor Department data showed job growth rebounded in October, following a summer slowdown. Stocks have climbed to a series of records in recent weeks, bolstered by very solid economic data and strong earnings from … Read more

Taxes and Inflation

Stocks cap off a strong month with ‘fresh new highs.’ October was the strongest month for the indices since November last year. Even the earnings ‘flop’ from Apple and Amazon didn’t ‘ding’ the stock market–and it really didn’t hurt Apple or Amazon either. “It seemed investors poor earnings results and supply-chain constraints from Apple and … Read more

Bitcoin Gets Serious

All three major indices posted gains for the week, boosted by the earnings bug. Stocks have risen in recent days after strong earnings results from some of the biggest U.S. corporations. Most S&P 500 companies that have reported earnings have beat analysts’ expectations. Corporate profits are expected to jump around 35% in the latest quarter … Read more

Strong Earnings

Banks to Insurers delivered robust results for the latest quarter. Stocks began the week with scattered losses but quickly turned higher after results were released. Economic data also helped reassure investors about the ‘growth outlook.’ Data released on Friday showed retail sales rose significantly in September, despite economists’ worries about the ever-present Delta-Variant of Covid-19, … Read more

Focus on Washington

All eyes on Washington…as lawmakers tussle over spending, taxes, and arguing. Sweeping changes are forcing investors, strategists, and analysts to focus more on inflation and corporate profits. Many of the nation’s biggest challenges–pandemic response, the slowing of growth, attention to crumbling infrastructure, and wealth inequality cannot be managed by just monetary means. Fiscal policy can … Read more

A Choppy Market Week

A rough week for the stock market ended with solid gains Friday, after a spate of bearish actions and some negative investor sentiment. Although many investors expect stocks to keep rising, a multitude of factors has continued to weigh down expectations. Investors are contending with ‘lingering’ worries: the property giant Evergrande Group debacle, whether congress … Read more

The Market Persists

The Stock Market got off to a weak start Friday, as China Evergrande Group missed a key interest payment. Evengrande let a Thursday deadline pass to pay a $83.5 million coupon payment on its U.S. dollar bonds without notifying bondholders. Despite missing the payment deadline, the company has a 30-day grace period before bondholders can … Read more